about us

Ali Kuş Law Office in Antalya was founded by Lawyer Ali Kuş in 1998. With the awareness that legal life and its related needs are in a continuous process of development and change, Ali Kuş Law Office provides to many national and international natural and legal persons advocacy and consultancy services. These services are especially provided in Antalya. All activities, transactions and legal disputes under the responsibility of Ali Kuş Law Office are resolved in the shortest time, in a transparent manner and in the most appropriate way by taking into consideration the legal rights and interests of our clients. Besides following the currenct legal developments and informing our clients hereabout, all kinds of legal affairs and transactions of natural persons and institutions represented by our law office are resolved in a professional manner in accordance with the law of the Republic of Turkey and in accordance with moral rules. Our aim is to solve many legal problems before they ocur by providing a continuous flow of information to our client portfolio on the changes in the legislation and the effects of the changes on our clients. The main goal of Ali Kuş Law Firm is the solution of the undertaken business and transactions in an effective and result-oriented way and in the shortest time without causing any loss of rights of our clients. In this context, Ali Kuş Law Office is constantly growing and developing.